Boston Perl Mongers

2024 is the Boston chapter of the international Perl Mongers collection of Perl user groups, founded in 1998.

The group welcomes anyone to join our mailing list and attend our meetings.


Technical Meeting Series

Boston PM has had in-person technical meetings in the Greater Boston area for 20+ years (pre-plague).

For a calendar of up-coming meetings, see below at Schedule.

For past calendar and annals of history, see the History pages.

In the Virtual Meeting world, Boston PM participates in three sets of meetings:

(A few of our older, in-person meetings (2014-2015) are on YouTube mostly when we had a remote speaker via YouTube/Hangouts, but we haven’t been adding to this collection.)

Social Meetings

In normal times, does non-technical, social meetings. Typically this involves a restaurant or bar but could be a coffee-shop, public park, house-party, whatever.

There is no regular schedule. Typically these are negotiated among interested folks on the Discuss mailing-list.


Social Media

Boston-PM has presence on the following socials -

The primary announcement channels are MeetUp, Twitter, and Announce mailing-list.

Mailing Lists icon

(Are Mailing Lists Anti-Social media?) has two email lists supported by center Perl Mongers. Mailman list management has the official archives being password protected, visible only to list members. HOWEVER NOTE that both lists are logged by one or more popular archival websites that have subscribed to the lists, so these lists are effectively public.

Before posting jobs to the list, please check our Job Posting Policy.


Previous meetings’ minutes are recorded at the bottom of the latest history file.

If there’s something you can or would want to talk about, please do volunteer - in person, on the mailing list, or privately to Bill.

August 13th ?

We often cancel August due to vacations? Or maybe a beer-garden physical meetup?

September 10th - 7.30 EDT topic start (7.00 gathering chatter)


This is a JitSi meeting. The secure URL will be computed by this command (valid only during that week):

perl -MDigest::SHA=sha1_hex -MPOSIX=strftime -le 'print strftime "%Y/%m/%d week %U", localtime; $date=strftime "Y%Y W%U", localtime; print $date; print  "".substr(sha1_hex("BostonPM".$date),0,12);'  

(and will likely be posted here just in time, but to avoid spammers, won’t be posted on public social media)

(See Boilerplate below for additional how-to etc.)


(If you need to hear my rant about why Zoom’s “fixes” are inadequate, ask me off-list. Or watch my BLU Cryptology History & News annual report for the last decade.)

JITSI notes

Jitsi is a Free/Libre OSS project sponsored by 8x8 (an Atlassian spin-off). It is the freemium base for their added-value corporate meeting & VOIP platform. As FLOSS, it can be self-hosted; they provide a free demo server. We will currently be using the free demo server, but may migrate to a hosted server (where we can set defaults, privileges).

Natick FOSS group has an updated 5-page Jitsi Help .pdf file, and you can practice beforehand. (They meet 1st Thursdays, online, early afternoon - (semi)retired users.)

One can use plain web mode, but you can install the browser plug-in if you like (recommended if sharing slides or terminal). There are also iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Jitsi apps which work well (not for screen-share from Android). Screen-sharing may require a browser with paranoid modes off, e.g. Firefox Private Window or Chromium Temporary Profile.

JITSI keyboard shortcuts

JITSI scales fine to more people in face-sharing Brady-Bunch / Hollywood Squares mode than you can easily see at once (30ish) and if folks turn off their cameras when just listening/talking, i.e. when not commenting/presenting, it scales much higher. (If we later get more folks than will comfortably fit in Jitsi, we can set up a stream to YouTubeLive or some other platform … or upgrade to a proper panelist platform feeding a stream, but the “seminar” quality of Jitsi is fine for our level of anarchy.)

I will routinely mute those not presenting so you’ll usually need to unmute to comment. Hint: Space-bar is push to talk, M is mute/unmute (on phone/tablet it’s the skeuomorphic microphone, avoid the handset hangup button!).